Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Microsoft Dynamics Navigate 2009 Tips Part 4

Simple Trick for Generating Spelling Amount of money in NAV

Actually theres an example for get ontext amount of money in report, but it seems so difficult for me to
use or implement it in other Report / Page, heres simple trick for i, in this example im using indonesian language.

1. Create 2 Function for generating on text amount, first for generate whole complete amount of money second for convert numeric number to natural language eg: 1 = one, 2 = two.
2. Define each paramater, return and variables of each Functions
   A. First Function :
        Parameters :
        Return Value :
        Variables :
        Close Locals Parameters and Open Locals for next function :

   B. Second Function
        Parameters :
        Return Value :
3. Last Step Open Code Unit And Insert these codes into each function
    The code unit can be download from here :

Thats it and finish..

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