Selasa, 06 Mei 2014


This page is about pictures that i took with my camera Canon EOS 600D with 18-55 EFS IS II + 55-250 EFS IS STM lens. Most of these pictures took from local national park nearby, which is located in middle of West Java of Indonesia. People nowadays don't have any respect for nature and tend to littering the forest or destroyed it, i hope with this pictures we could be more enthusiast to preserve nature and forest because if we not save it from now, our next generations will taste the barren land of waste and pollute.

A. Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor)

This garden were open by Holland Governor in mid 17th century during invasion from Holland to Indonesia. Almost 70% plant were took from all over Indonesian Island, and most of them are almost extinct.

B. Cilember Waterfall (Curug Cilember)

This local nature site is located near Mountains of Salak and Pancar Mountain (1500 feet aprox)
and there were 6 small waterfall and 1 large waterfall, in all over valley.

C. Cibodas Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Cibodas)

 This garden is associated with Bogor Botanical Garden but most of the plant there were originally from Salak Mountains which is its own habitat. But some of the vegetation were took from distant, such as Peach Flower Tree (Sakura) from Japan.