Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Great Songs From Shizuka Kudo - Japanese Singer

Hello Dear Visitors,

It has been while since i'm posting this blog again, well i've got quite lot of work
lately and quite busy :(
This time i just want to share something that i finally found for quite long time.This
just happen that i'm very fond of Anime's Soundtrack of 13th ending from Fairy Tail,
"Kimi ga kureta mono"(The things you gave me) song by Shizuka Kudo. It has wonderful
meanings and word for a song, and Shizuka Kudo also song it nicely. This is a few lyrics
until verse 1 :

In Romaji :
tada ureshikute nai te iru no
tada kanashikute nai te iru no
sou sunao ni ikiru tte konna ni mo
jibun de irareru
kaze ni nosete sasayaku
[anata wa anata no mama de iin da] to
ari no mama no sugata de ite
sore zore no shiawase wo dakishime
arui te iru no
sora no iro ga kawaru tabi ni
kokoro ga furueru oto ga naru
kimi ga kureta mono 

  In English : 
Just crying cause you're happy?
Just crying cause you're sad?
Yes, to live honestly
is to be able to be yourself like that
Whispering it into the wind
"You're fine just the way you are"
Stay the way you are
holding your own happiness
walking forward
When the sky changes color,
it becomes the sound of my trembling heart
The things you gave me 

I think thats all i just want to share for you, maybe next time i will share another tips for programming or latest news. 

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Microsoft Dynamics Navigate 2009 Tips Part 5

How To Add Data Result into Header on Report RDLC

1. Prepare fields and data needed for RDLC in Section Report.
2. Go To Layout and Open Report Properties

3. Insert These Code on last line for generating function to be called in header :

Shared offset as Integer
Shared newPage as Object
Shared currentgroup1 as Object
Shared currentgroup2 as Object
Shared currentgroup3 as Object
Public Function GetGroupPageNumber(NewPage as Boolean, pagenumber as Integer) as Object
  If NewPage
    offset = pagenumber - 1
  End If
  Return pagenumber - offset
End Function

Public Function IsNewPage(group1 as Object, group2 as Object, group3 as Object) As Boolean
newPage = FALSE
If Not (group1 = currentgroup1)
    newPage = TRUE
    currentgroup1 = group1
    currentgroup2 = group2
    currentgroup3 = group3
      If Not (group2 = currentgroup2)
        newPage = TRUE
        currentgroup2 = group2
        currentgroup3 = group3
          If Not (group3 = currentgroup3)
          newPage = TRUE
          currentgroup3 = group3
         End If
     End If
  End If
Return newPage
End Function

Shared Data1 as Object
Shared Data2 as Object
Shared Data3 as Object
Shared Data4 as Object

Public Function GetData(Num as Integer, Group as integer) as Object
if Group = 1 then
   Return Cstr(Choose(Num, Split(Cstr(Data1),Chr(177))))
End If

if Group = 2 then
   Return Cstr(Choose(Num, Split(Cstr(Data2),Chr(177))))
End If

if Group = 3 then
   Return Cstr(Choose(Num, Split(Cstr(Data3),Chr(177))))
End If

if Group = 4 then
   Return Cstr(Choose(Num, Split(Cstr(Data4),Chr(177))))
End If

End Function

Public Function SetData(NewData as Object,Group as integer)
  If Group = 1 and NewData <> "" Then
      Data1 = NewData
  End If

  If Group = 2 and NewData <> "" Then
      Data2 = NewData
  End If

  If Group = 3 and NewData <> "" Then
      Data3 = NewData
  End If

  If Group = 4 and NewData <> "" Then
      Data4 = NewData
  End If

End Function

4. Close report properties and create table inside body report, open properties of new table and change DataSetName to DataSet_Result
Properties :

5. Select first row and column and open properties of the cell, change the Name and expression :
 6. Code for expression : (example)

   =Fields!EncodeBarcode128__Search_Description__.Value + Chr(177) + Fields!Item__No__.Value

7. Close the cell property and create 2 text box in header of report, first textbox will declare function group to be called in other text box.
   Open properties for the first text box and change value : (example)
   databody is the name of the cell which we has made.
8. Open Second textbox and change the value into :
   Value for GetData depends on how many source table and group we need to display on header

Thats it Finish and save your RDLC